First release of the new version of Network Share Mounter

The Network Share Mounter is a whole new app, now living in den menu-bar of a user.
Here are some new features:

  • menu-bar instead of cli app
  • beside shares defined via MDM or plist, a user can add own shares via the menu
  • mount or unmount all defined shares
  • show the directory where the shares are mounted (as it was with the old app, shares are not mounted under /Volumes but in users's home under Networkshares (or Netzlaufwerke.
  • possibility to configure some aspects via MDM:
    • autostart (default: false) defines, if the app will be startet after the user logged in his Mac
    • canChangeAutostart (default: EMPTY) defines, if the user can change the behavior of autostarting the app
    • canQuit (default: true) defines whether the user can quit the app
    • unmountOnExit (default: true) will unmount all shares after exiting the app
    • helpURL (default: EMPTY) URL with a custom help page
    • networkShares (default: EMPTY) an array of strings wehere MDM (or plist) defined shares are listed
    • customNetworkShares (default: EMPTY) an array of strings wehere user defined shares will be stored setting them in the preferences option of the app
  • the app should take care to not create duplicate mounts (such as SHARENAME-1, SHARENAME-2 etc.)
  • if a user has defined his home directory via LDAP or AD (aka SMBHome), this (network) home directory will be mounted regardless of whether the share is defined in the "to mount list" of shares

We hope you have as much fun with this app as we had developing it.

Provided with ️ by your FAUmac team