What's new

  • implemented #18
    • user suggestion to make the path, where the shares will be mounted, configurable
    • now there's a new config key location where a path can be definded
    • for more on this see README
  • implemented statistics
    • As a developer we need a few data about the number of app installations to justify the further development of the Network Share Mounter
    • We explicitly did not use any commercial analytics software to exclude further data leaving the users' computers. The code used for this can be seen in the file AppStatistics.swift
    • As a public service institution in the EU, we consider ourselves obligated to comply with the maximum level of data protection
    • Only the following data will be sent to our server, located at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU):
      • App BundleID
      • App Version
      • per-host generated unique id (UUID)


  • corrected a few typos
  • improved our internal build process
  • bugfix: under some circumstances the mount location was empty