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add FAQ - jamf recon process stuck
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......@@ -79,6 +79,12 @@ defaults write de.uni-erlangen.rrze.networkShareMounter customNetworkShares -arr
* There is an optional parameter `--openMountDir` which opens a new finder window of the networkShareMounter mount directory. (e.g. "\~/Network shares" or "\~/Netzlaufwerke")
* If you want to change the installation directory, go to **Build Settings** > **Deployment** > **Installation Directory**. But keep in mind that you also have to change the path of the LaunchAgent (command line version).
## FAQ
### 1) Jamf recon stuck with configured Network Share Mounter app
This is probably due the innventory collection configuration "Include home directory sizes" in Jamf (Pro). Both Network Share Mounter versions, v2 and legacy, mounting the shares in the users home (~/Network Shares). If the option is now enabled, Jamf will also try to collect the size of the network share mounter mounts and the process get stuck.
To resolve this behaviour, go to **Settings > Computer Management - Management Framework > Inventory Collection** and disable the option **Include home directory sizes**.
## Contact
Feel free to contact us for ideas, enhancements or bug reports at the [service desk address](
For general questions you can write directly to the team at [](
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