Commit 627b1ff4 authored by Gregor Longariva's avatar Gregor Longariva 💬
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implement dmg/pkg app version

parent 0a47c37c
......@@ -37,6 +37,11 @@ lane :getbundleid do
get_product_bundle_id(project_filepath: 'networkShareMounter.xcodeproj', scheme: 'NetworkShareMounter')
lane :getappversion do
desc "gets the version of the app. It first looks in the plist and then for '$(MARKETING_VERSION)'"
get_version_number(xcodeproj: "networkShareMounter.xcodeproj",target: "Network Share Mounter")
lane :getlatestag do
desc "gets the latest git tag. This tag is used to set the version number of the package"
tags = git_tags(limit: 1)
......@@ -91,24 +96,25 @@ lane :beta do
xcodeproj: "networkShareMounter.xcodeproj"
appversion = getappversion
desc "Create DMG image"
path: "build/Network Share",
output_path: "build/NetworkShareMounterBeta.dmg",
output_path: "build/NetworkShareMounterBeta-#{appversion}.dmg",
volume_name: "NetworkShareMounter-Beta"
desc "creating .pkg file"
signing_id = ENV["SIGNING_ID"]
output = sh("productbuild", "--sign", "#{signing_id}", "--component", "../build/Network\ Share\", "/Applications", "../build/NetworkShareMounterBeta.pkg")
output = sh("productbuild", "--sign", "#{signing_id}", "--component", "../build/Network\ Share\", "/Applications", "../build/NetworkShareMounterBeta-#{appversion}.pkg")
desc "Notarize dmg"
package: "build/NetworkShareMounterBeta.dmg",
package: "build/NetworkShareMounterBeta-#{appversion}.dmg",
bundle_id: "de.fau.rrze.NetworkShareMounter",
username: ""
desc "Notarize pkg"
package: "build/NetworkShareMounterBeta.pkg",
package: "build/NetworkShareMounterBeta-#{appversion}.pkg",
bundle_id: "de.fau.rrze.NetworkShareMounter",
username: ""
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